HostJupyter Affiliate Pricing

HostJupyter requires a subscription for sharing unlimited, white-labelled notebooks across multiple sites. Normally, we offer the following billing options:

  • Monthly billing at $8/month

However, you can avail of a 33% discount by displaying a "Powered by HostJupyter" badge on your site.

Jupyter notebooks site without HostJupyter branding
Jupyter notebooks site with HostJupyter branding

Start Monthly Billing Trial

On creating an account, your trial should have automatically start. If your trial has lapsed, you'll first need to start a new trial. To do so, click the Home icon in your sidebar, then head over to Admin > [Billing]. Enter your card details and then click start trial.

Once that's completed, send me (Isaac) an email directly. I'll then add the affiliate discount to your account.

Verifying the Discount Has Been Applied

To verify the discount has been applied, simply hit the manage billing button from your billing panel. To access the billing panel, click the Home icon in your sidebar, then head over to Admin > [Billing].

Note: The manage billing button is only visible if you have previously started a customer trial. We choose not to pre-emptively create a billing account for you to preserve your privacy.