Using Custom Domains to Share Jupyter Notebooks

Once you create a Site for your Jupyter notebooks, you then have the option of creating a custom domain. The benefit of doing this is that you can share that custom domain with your viewers instead of using our auto-generated domains.

Add the Custom Domain in HostJupyter

Click the Settings icon in your sidebar, then head over to Presentation > [Custom domain]. Enter your custom domain name (e.g. and then hit create domain.

Note: In most cases, the SSL certificate for your custom domain will automatically be issued within a few minutes of saving these settings and you're all set. DNS propagation can some times take a little longer, especially if you edited a CNAME record that existed previously. If more than a couple of hours have passed and you're not seeing your Jupyter notebooks at your custom domain, reach out and we'll check into things for you.

Create a CNAME Record at Your DNS Provider

After successfully creating a domain in HostJupyter, you'll need to create a CNAME record at your DNS hosting provider. A CNAME record tells computers that when someone types in your custom domain (e.g. that you actually want it to reach out to where your Jupyter notebooks are hosted (

Each DNS hosting provider will have their own terminology and formatting for creating a CNAME record. For example, creating the CNAME in Netlify will look like this:

Creating the same CNAME record would look like this in GoDaddy:

We’ve included links to some popular providers’ help pages on CNAME or DNS below. If you don’t see your provider listed here, you need additional help, or you’re not sure how to log in to your account at your DNS provider, you’ll want to reach out to their support for an assist. The support team at your DNS provider will be able to help you find the right format if these articles don't get you there!

Note: These providers may make changes to their knowledge bases or help pages that we aren't aware of. If any of the above links don't work, please let us know!

Common Questions

Can I have more than one custom domain point to my Site?

You can only point one CNAME record to a single Site at a time. Additional CNAME records pointing to a single Docs site will not work as intended and could result in security vulnerabilities.

What steps do I need to take if I want to change my custom name or remove it?

If you wish to change your custom domain, delete the domain from the HostJupyter and the associated CNAME record at your DNS provider.

Then simply create your new domain in HostJupyter and create the associated CNAME record at your DNS provider. The propagation time will apply to this change.